Eberron - Signs and Portents

The Story So Far...

The four of you, each for your own reasons, booked working passage on an airship headed for Sharn, the City of Towers. Your ship was attacked by the Order of the Emerald Claw. You defended the airship, allowing the target of their attack, Professor Barvette Yanger, to escape with the mysterious relic that was to be the attackers' prize.

After repelling a second attempt to steal the relic, you took the fight to the Order of the Emerald Claw. After saving a young man from the mistake of joining the Order, you recovered a second relic. It joined with Professor Yanger's stone to form a map of the continent of Xen'drik. The surface was dotted with 13 points of glowing green light.

Professor Yanger returned to Fairhaven to study the recombined relic. In the meantime, you were hired by House Cannith to investigate a disturbance in the Cogs. Something had spooked the Warforged working the foundries below the city. The Order of the Emerald Claw released several gibbering mouthers into the Cogs. Upon defeating the aberrations, you discovered a third mysterious relic. Whether it was the relic itself or the gibbering mouthers, something had caused the Order of the Emerald Claw in the Cogs to go mad. One of them kept referring to “the Project” in your brief conversation that preceded his calm and slow walk into the foundry lava. Professor Yanger informed you that one of the lights on the Map Relic had turned blue, and then contacted you again later to say that the light had returned to green. You determined that the light was blue while your newly acquired relic was actively spewing amorphous abominations into the Cogs.

It has not been all doom and gloom, however. You befriended a half-orc named Timmok, the proprietor of a small tavern in one of the lower wards called the Artful Cockatrice. The ale was strong and flavorful, and it sat on top of a secret basement, accessible only through a hidden door. This has served as a useful hideout, as few want to patronize a tavern that is not part of the Hostelers Guild. Your brewing knowledge, influx of coin, and hiring of quality employees has allowed Timmok to open a new tavern in a better ward called the Winking Weasel, which is starting to do good business.

Professor Yanger again contacted you from afar and asked you to investigate reported Order activity in the area surrounding Sharn, at the request of her associates in Fairhaven. You found a priest of the Blood of Vol named Urik. He was part of something called Project Leviathan, using magic to find relics for the Emerald Claw. He offered to locate the relics for you, in exchange for his life and eventual freedom. Professor Yanger teleported into the Artful Cockatrice, clearly escaping another attempt on her life. She must go into hiding, she explained, and brought you the relics in a bag of holding. She also had a gift for each of you. She left, her destination unknown even to you.

Urik has the ability to find the relics in Khorvaire, but without Professor Yanger's help, you don't really have the means to travel. As fate would have it, you stumbled upon some travel opportunities. A bard named Drusila has been given a deadly ultimatum; she can leave Sharn or be killed. She doesn't want to do either, and has four tickets on the lightning rail to Fairhaven to pay you for settling this matter. You also came across Bertha, a half-orc bounty hunter who had double booked herself. She offers you her ticket on the lightning rail, which comes with a carry-on trunk permit, and the reward for the bounty to go to Flamekeep and save her the embarrassment of having to cancel a job. You also chanced to meet a very drunk Karrnathi living in exile with his own airship and a partner with the Mark of Storm to fly it. You bonded over a shared hatred of the Order of the Emerald Claw, and were told that if you needed to contact them in the future, leave a message with Alinda at The Juicy Canary.

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